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What is NABAS

NABAS is a UK association for the Balloon and party industry,

for balloon decorators, retailers,

wholesalers and manufacturers.

If you choose to be a member of NABAS

you will receive the following benefits:

public and employer liability insurance

UK & Ireland retailer/decorators

If you need legal advice for a business or private problem you can help

If you have an industry related question contact the administration office and

they will get in touch with the committee who may be able to offer help.

Included only in your 1st membership package you will receive:-

  • Sample documentation for booking and confirmations
  • Guidelines and Code of Conduct for Balloon Releases.
  • Vehicle gas warning sticker.
  • Listing on the Nabas website
  • Nabas logo available by email
  • Membership Certificate
  • E-Magazine details that Nabas send out
  • NABAS membership list if requested with details of other members
  • A selection of ‘Basic Designs for Balloon Decorations’ drawings
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