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Done the Training Courses Available,

Want to go further?

How About A Day of JUST Balloons with a Seasonal Theme?

With like minded People?

This course needs AT LEAST level 1 or fundamentals to have been completed

to be able to get the most from the day and works best with 6-12 students

We will start the day brushing up on our skills of health & safety and 

 balloon calculation and Job costing requirements.

Individual Seasons Days Covered

New Years Eve Theme Day

Valentines Theme Day

St Patrick Theme

Mothers & Fathers Day theme

Easter Theme

St. George theme

Football Theme (England/World cup)

Halloween Theme

Christmas theme

Day WILL usually consist of more than one theme,

depending on season

Other themes can be added by request

(But PLEASE ASK Prior to the course so we can prep!)

During the session we will create various Table Centrepieces,

Room Displays, Entrances, Point of Sale and Focal Point displays

Using Latex, Foil & Plastic balloons

Ideal for Corporate Functions, Parties and Events Decor

Prices include all materials and gasses required and use of our 

Conwin equipment and tilt valves, buffet lunch, venue hire and

2 NABAS approved teachers on site. Lots of tips and tricks to help 

you work and with printed instructions for continuous assistance.

This day will be a fun 6 hour day at a student cost of £125 per person

in the Tamworth Area

Dates being finalised:

Call : 01827 316600

Email: Balloon School

For more details

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