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We offer
  • Balloon workshops to help Master the BASICS of Round balloon ORGANIC designs creating     Garlands, hoops Columns and Walls
  • Balloon Workshops on Making that hoop a Picture with round and modelling balloons
  • Balloon workshops on Creating Professional Balloon Air filled "Stacks" and "bouquets" with assorted bases and balloons used ( including round and modelling latex as well as assorted foil balloons)
  • Balloon workshops to help master individual techniques of design with assorted balloons
  • Balloon workshops to create Seasonal Balloon Displays for Christmas, Valentines, Easter, Halloween, using stand alone and "stuffing" techniques
  • Balloon Workshops to create personalised              "on Trend" Balloon Designs          
  • Balloon Workshops on Creating Balloon Characters both floor standing and table top  using latex and foil balloons  
  • Balloon workshops on Working as a Balloon Twister with modelling balloons      
  • As well as our indepth Professional Certified Courses Taught at our Tamworth Business Unit/Studio
  • These come complete with indepth Course note books complete with recipes and instructions                                      
  • Our 121 (or 2) Beyond the Basics Balloon Decoration Skills Class is for those looking to turn their hobby into a Business, Giving participants the Skills and Confidence to become a Balloon Industry professional. Its is very detailed and very hands on, and comes with comprehensive course notes, Professional Certificate and continued back up by email

Call 07786361520 and speak to Pam

or email

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