Balloon School - Professional Industry Training Courses
Looking to learn the Art of balloon twisting/modelling
or just to have some fun with modelling balloons, 
add balloon animals and Hats etc. to the Entertainment you offer, 

Learn the art/craft of balloon modelling, 
amaze your family and friends on a skill they never knew you had..
or  have
a friend or member of the family who thinks they can
or would like to learn, 
get them a Balloon Training Course gift as a present.
Balloon twisting/modelling Performance Course
5 hour hands on course Certificated by Balloon School 

vistaprint image for balloon schoolBalloon Twisting Performance is a training course 
The Course covers: - 
What modelling balloons are 
How to use them safely in entertainment 
and the environment. 
Health & safety, 
Importance of personal hygene 
How to and what is important about presentation as an entertainer to an audience 
Where and how to buy the balloons 
Other equipment available 
Modelling balloons available and their sizes 
Other balloon shapes used. 
A variety of basic twists and how to use them to create balloon models 

       This course is student active led and hands on, you will need to have finger 
and hand muscle flexibility to be able to do this course, all twists and models will 
be demonstrated and you will make them yourself to complete the course.
Balloon models you will create on the course
Dog (s)
Rabbit (s)
Fish & Fishing Rod
Teddy Bear (s)
Balloon Heart
Flowers (s)
Sword (s)
  Hat (plus many designs)
Price charged of £135 for the balloon course 
 at Tamworth Workshop/Studio 
includes all materials and instruction required. 
Discounts offered for more than 1 person and experienced people looking 
for the qualification....Course Times  = 10.30am - 3pm 
As with all balloon training courses email back up is offered 
to all who take it and the course is offered as a One to One 
or with multiple students and can be held at our own workshop/unit 
in Tamworth, Staffordshire
Contact us for details:
By Phone: - 01827 316600
By Email: Balloon School