Balloon School - Professional Industry Training Courses

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 When it comes to offering training courses for people looking to join 
the balloon industry or increase their skills..
We have decided to take on board the recommendations of others 
and look to teach up to date skills and advancements in the art                    rather than the same skills that have been taught for years
like all industries the Balloon industry has developed over the years 
and produce our own certificates and have them recognised by industry manufacturers and leaders

We personally feel that there is not have enough practical content to confidently go out and decorate a wedding or a party after attending some training courses on offer across the UK.  

So we took the decision to only have a maximum of 4 students per class     and to incorporate the skills we where taught when we started in the       industry with some updates that have taken place since.           
We even apply this within our level 1  Course,  
With the ability to change as we see requirements
increasing we feel the confidence levels for students 
to be able to compete in today's market